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'Pimpin' around da World'

and it's a nutty, nutty nut world

16 December
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If you wanna add me, you can - as long as you're NOT: Dumb, uptight, PC, or
Religious-meaning Bible thumpity-thump. Unless the thumping is made by you
bouncing a Bible off someone's head.
Funny people, musicians, and computer/gaming geek's are especially desirable,
hot people totally encouraged!
In fact, if you really think you're that hot, you should prove-it by sending
me naked pic's (this will result in better odds of me adding you).
But if you send me pic's of naked Christians, you will be automatically added!

I am Earth’s greatest hero - destroyer of the Reptoids Homeworld more times than
I can count and a friend to Retards everywhere!

Handy Slogans:
"Dyslexics of the world, Untie!”
"There comes a time in everyone's life when we have to ask ourselves:
Am I a pimp or am I a ho?"
"Teeth are for gay people. That's why fairies come and get them."
- Masta' Shake
"Now you see that Evil will always triumph because Good is dumb."
-Dark Helmet
"They think we are retarded - they are retarded."
"Our initial assessment is that they will all die."
-Baghdad Bob
Quoth Bob Dornen: "These (people are) rabid, Satanic beheader's."
"How many ways can a loser fucking lose? I know you'll find a way."
- Slayer / Exile

Sonic Arsenal:
E-mu Morpheus, Korg 01/W, Korg Wavestation A/D & SR*, Akai s5000, Akai DPS-16,
Ensoniq PARIS, last and least the HAL 9000 and all its use(ful)less programs.
I like LFO’s and I have lots.

*Special note regarding the SR: The previous owner of this unit was Babyface . .
Yes, you heard correct, I mean THEE R&B Babyface.
My greatest hope is to harness the Power of the "boy`ē`yiong" sound so that I
too can become a chick-magnet!

Things I HATE:
Above all else: The IALDABAOTH (you know What you are) - Then:

The UN, WTO (The Beast), Republicans, Commie-libs, Euro-fag (my own
musical genre), Saudi Arabia, Shazzam!, Captain America,
grätuïtoüs Ümläut's (ÿoü knöw whö ÿöu ärë),
The Christian Childrens Fund.

Tom Daschle's pie charts and bar graphs.
Yasser Arafat (I just wanna lick your lips and stick you to a window, you guppy!)
Jerry (beware of Tellatubbies) Falwell,
Alan Keyes: You will be strapped to my thighs in Hell.

Jealousy, Envy, Liars, Deceivers, terrorists, Subverters (depending),
Bugblatter Beasts :aka:
people who can't take hints (one way or the other),
game playa's, people who waste my time, people who are all in MY business, e.g., gossip/rumor/whoremongers,
Big Fat Ass Ego's (esp., those of wanna-be music makers -
There's more to it than just banging on keys and making loops. Otherwise any
dork with an Awe card passing out free Mp3's could autograph my panties!
I see right through you - you're just a fag in shiny pants.
Blow me and go back to Church).

All I care about is the future of the space program and colonizing Mars because
you know what happens next . . .
I just want the future colonists to know, I (will) support(ed) the Mars Rebellion!

I like Alien, SIL, Terminator, Universal Soldier, Cyborgs, Cylons, Master Chief, 'Lore', NOMAD, Androids,
and especially Borg Technology.
In other words, anything not Human.

I'm into heavy weapons, heavy metals, and heavy water.

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My Most Favorite Things:
Lust, Terrible things, and being One Cold Bitch.

I am The Lurking Horror -AND-
I am your worst Nightmare.

Most people say things because they think it sounds cool.
The difference with me is that I actually mean it.

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242, 8 ballin', :w:, a-10 warthog, al jourgenson (the-man/the-music), alice in chains, ancient, annihilation of the human-race, anti-life, apple][e, aqua teen hunger force, atari 2600, b-2 bomber, beck, billy idol, blood sport, breaking the law, busta rhymes, c=64, case/car/body mods, christopher franke, colecovision, compulsory abortion, cowboy beebop, cryo-militancy®, cthulhu, curve, death in june, deathline int'l, decree, def leppard, depeche mode, diatribe, digital underground, digital underpants™, dod stock film, duran duran, elf waves (has-nothing-to-do-w/pointy-eared-fags), eminem, enigma, enigma's, enya, eunuchs, fla (& all side-projects), formula1 racing, fractals, frobnitz, gail, genocide, ghetto-vets (gang-banga's in wheelchairs), gnosticism, h.p. lovecraft, h.r. giger, haarp, hairless chickens, having sex w/nikki sixx, his divine shadow, hot girlz, hot-blonde-girlz (esp. ann-coulter&monica-crowely), index, infocom™, insoc, institute for hereditary-biology&racial-hygiene, international-federation of eugenic organizations, iron maiden, jane's addiction, jean-claude van damme, jews, joybooths, judas priest, ketracel-white, kmfdm, lacrosse, lexx, leæther strip, logan's run, lord kinboat(&orgy@ the-center-of-the-earth), loreena mckennitt, mad max, moab, mohawks, moltav cocktails, monkeys, moria, mothra, mst3k, mxc, my-pet black-widow named-hide: rip, nikola tesla (yeah not-the-fucking-band-jackass), odessa, oil for uday's-porn program, one-armed drummers, ophitic gnosticism, orbital, outkast, packin' heat, patrick o'hearn, peter gabriel, pig, prince (of the planet-fire), professional mercenaries, project a-ko, psychopomps, psyclon nine, public enemy, qausi-stellar radio sources, qumran, ratt, retrosic, roguelikes, rpg's (games and rockets), sade, sarah brightman, skunk works adp, slayer, sr-71 blackbird / habu, stabbing westward, stephen hawking, stovacor, studying military tactics-and-strategy, suicid(al) commando, supermassive black holes, synchronicity frequency, tactical sex™, talk talk, the orion syndicate, the verve, thel, tiamat, trigun, trinity and beyond, tsr / trs-80, turbonegro (a-good-source-of-ass-thrashing), unter null, vice (emulation), wild turkey, will, xev/zev bellringer of b3k, z'ha'dum, zmachine, zz top