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MySpace Sep. 3rd, 2007 @ 05:50 am
For a little while now I've had a Myspace so if you want, you may friend me there.
And yes, yes - I know, I'm a little slow.

While I never did a very good job keeping this thing updated MySpace is a different story . . .
so many things to fiddle with and fiddle around with it I do!
I think you'd find it far more interesting than this for sure.

So here it is:


See ya there!
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Better than Expected Dec. 13th, 2006 @ 05:12 am

I'd like to start by saying for the last 10 years, my Birthday has been one of the worst days of each year.
I expected no different this time but my Birthday's on the 16th and I've already gotten some nice presents:

-a new laser mouse. My old one was a piece of crap, really pretty but the scroll wheel calibration got all f'ed up after like 3 months.

-an Xbox - the old style, original. C'mon, what'd you expect?
Coming from the same person that owns an Atari 2600, multiple C=128's and 64's, apple ][+'s, AND an ORIGINAL PONG, did you really think I'd opt for a modern game system?

-3 car amp's totaling almost 3,000 watts - seriously.

Gee, I think I'm forgetting something . . . I think it had to do with the amps . . .
oh yeah,
A NEW CAR!!! I sound like Bob Barker!

We got a 2003 Eclipse GTS with all options, including BLACK and Blue LEATHER interior (how appropriate).
With the 3rd and 4th generation, Mitsubishi engines have dropped the Turbo and AWD, in favor of FWD V6's.
The GTS's have a 3.0L DOHC 210 HP engines but this has a FEW mods and it's been DYNO tested @ 280 HP.

Plus, we got a Nitrous System, this was not in this car, the guy had it in his 98' Eclipse [HAWT] so yeah, I think it should be as fast as our old turbo was :)

It has VERY low miles, a carbon-fiber hood w/ hood locks (those are the silver lever/ring looking things you'll see in the pics of the hood), heated seats, 18" magnesium wheels w/locks, an 8 speaker system with 2 being in a sub box plus 2 tweaters mounted in the windows, and a full custom ground kit (obviously).
It came with an additional set of NEW tires and 2 different sets of wheels.

Needless to say, we are very pleased and things of a rather unfortunate nature could befall anyone who would even DREAM of hurting it.
You know who you are - as do we ;)

I'm glad we found this one, after only a few days of looking, we were starting to think we'd have to go to Cali to get one.
People in the NW think these are just the hottest thing so they're priced like they're made out of Gold.
I'm talking about cars that have >150K miles costing 8K . . . ridiculous!
Mostly thanks to "The Fast and the Furious."

The truth is these are EXTREMELY easy and cheap cars to mod. Meaning that for under 10K, you can have a car that LOOKS like a 60K car.
The people in Cali, who are used to seeing TRULY nice cars understand exactly what these are:
Mid-grade sport-cars - NOT a Lamborghini.

On a side note, I think it's funny to point out that the Eclipse used in "The Fast and the Furious" was a 95' Eclipse RS - that's the non turbo model, lol!
Plus, I think those have the 1.8L engine, not even the 2.0L

And if you're wondering how this came to be, it was kinda weird.
We had set aside a large sum of $$$ to fix-up (more like over-haul) our 90' but we were debating getting a newer Eclipse instead.
The main reason we were thinking of keeping the old one was that it had such low miles on the engine, which we rebuilt in 99’.
People drive the fuck out of Eclipses so it is VERY difficult to find low mileage cars of this type, and we are "Eclipse People."
So no, we were NOT and can’t imagine EVER having a different type car.
Plus, we had an even newer (recently replaced) after-market Turbo, new ECU, and on and on.

But the main thing was the engine. So last week, only after <80K miles, it blew a rod!
The engines for these are dirt cheap, about $1,300 but after our 'Monster-truck rally incident' in the Jack-in-the-Crack parking lot, the body had damage not to mention all the little electrical probs in the interior. I (not yet husby) started leaning heavily AGAINST repairing the 90'.

So, I guess the car decided for us, though it will be greatly missed :_(

Here are some pics - and in a few, you can even see our 90’:

As you can see from the pic above, we've already installed our Radar Detector, lol!

I'd like to know, which of these wheels you like better?
The "Dull" ones look like the stock wheels but I'm like a cat, I like shiny things.
Just refer to them as "Dull" or "Shiny," please - the 1st being the Dull, stock wheel - the 2nd, shiny:

I have more pics including all of the above, enlarged.
If you'd like to see them, follow these links.
When they open, they will be smaller than they actually are.
The enlarge option box will appear if you move your cursor into the bottom right corner.

These are diff pics than above:

1. Rear Valance

2. Front Lights

3. Side-Rear Wing Detail

4. Side-Front Dam

5. Carbon-Fiber Hood Detail

These are enlarged versions of the POSTED pics:

6. Front View

7. Front View 2

8. Rear View

9. Side View

10. Side Air-Bag

11. Interior

12. Interior 2

13. Dash 

Have a wonderful day!

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Meme Nov. 3rd, 2006 @ 12:20 pm

Well, the President of the National Association of Evangelicals has admitted to buying Meth from a male escort. Which reminded me that I should probably update my LJ . . .

As many of you know, it's been a long time since I've updated this and an even longer time since I've been out.
So for everyone I saw at the "Hell on Earth" party and at the Psy9 show, I just wanted to let you know how great it was to see you again, I miss you all!

Another thing you don't often see is a picture of me - so for everyone that wasn't there, here is a recent picture :0

This one was taken on Oct. 28th at the Hell on Earth party.
I was doing my best impression of a Cenobite . . . well, minus being bald and horribly disfigured. 

Oh, if you saw me at the Psy9 show, just wanted to let you know I was doing an impression of me impersonating a Cenobite, lol.

Hope to see you OR hear from you soon!

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I HATE Windows! Sep. 1st, 2006 @ 06:21 pm
Does anyone out there either own or know anything about Pocket PC's?
I have a Dell Axim X51v, running Windows Mobile 5.0 with a bad attitude.

The most annoying problem is that it keeps turning itself on, whether it's locked or not!
It also seems to have a problem reading the battery's charge state correctly.

I won't ask five thousand questions, I just wanna know if you've ever heard of this behavior.
Most problems are common ones, I just haven't had any experience with these in particular and I have been unsuccessful in my attempts to fix it.
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Packin' Plastic Heat Aug. 3rd, 2006 @ 07:10 am
LOL - I just saw on the news they want to ban toy guns!
Well, that's different.
Won't ban real guns but toy guns, No!
You'd think they'd ban the real thing - other than someone panicking and driving off the road, I don't think anyone has actually been killed by a toy gun.
Well, theoretically, I suppose you could clobber someone to death with one?!?

Incidentally, do NOT get the wrong idea:
1. I like MY real one very well
2. There is the slight matter of the 2nd Amendment

Anyway, this isn't a debating society, so don't bother arguing the point or else I'll dismantle your logic in one sentence flat. 

No I won't, I'll just shoot you with my gun instead, while you're just standing there, unarmed, and defenseless. 

Then, as you lay dying, you can tell me all about how guns are bad and how you're so glad all the bans have prevented bad guys from getting them - a bad guy like me, in that scenario. 

Just ask Australia, I bet they're glad.
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Other entries
» My Current Social Calendar
Just in case you didn't know about these upcoming events - or -
'In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up,' these are my Summer plans as of late:


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All prices, total w/ Service Charge inc. / Tickets thru Tickets West.

Portland date: Saturday - 5/27 @ 8:00pm @ The Roseland Theatre, ALL AGES (booze upstairs), $32.00 / $35.00 if mailed.

Seattle Date: Sunday - 5/28 @ 8:00pm @ The Showbox, 21+, $43.00 / $46.00 if mailed.

Buy Tickets

Complete Tour Dates


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All prices, total w/ Service Charge inc. / Tickets thru TicketMaster.

$19.40 at counter or 48hr max mail / $21.90 ticketFast (you print them out).

Buy Tickets


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

All prices, total w/ Service Charge inc. / Tickets thru Tickets West.

According to Slayer's website, there is a Seattle Date: Friday - 7/14 @ The Qwest Field Event Center,
However; the tickets don't seem to be on sale yet.

*SALEM date: Saturday - 7/14 @ 5:00pm @ The Salem Armory, ?I don't know if it's 21+?, $45.50 / $49.00 if mailed.

*PLEASE NOTE: This show was rescheduled - these dates are correct as of today!!!
The Salem show was originally booked for Sunday, July 16th

Rock-Fests are generally held @ the Armory, so no Portland stops this tour.

Buy SALEM Tickets

Complete Tour Dates

I did this only because there have been sooo many times I would have really appreciated this kind of info.

Btw, I'm NOT suggesting that these are the only worthwhile events to attend!
In fact, Deathline, Haujobb, and PIG just to name a few, come to mind.
Unfortunatly, these shows fell (will fall) on weeknights and some of us have J-O-B-S so we can't go everywhere we want.
We just got lucky on the dates of these.

Well, hope you found this useful and I hope to see y'all there ;)

Though, I kinda doubt it.
» Best CD EVER!
I just got the best CD I've ever heard!
It's called:
"Introducing . . . Talk Talk."

For those of you who don't know, there are two distinct sides to "Talk Talk."
One is the commonly heard / played 80's brit pop and the other is difficult to describe.

I've never been really good at categorizing music but I'll do my best.
It has a very moody, mellow feel and the style ranges from very old-style goth to experimental jazz. Reminds me of Peter Gabriel's lesser knowns.

This album falls into the second category and is a 2003 UK import that's a compilation of some of their best songs of this sort.
So if you like this genre of music, every song on this album is GREAT and these really are the best songs of this style.
I say this because I have found that 'Greatest Hits' albums rarely have the best songs on them but this one actually does!

And for fucks sake, don't go and STEAL by downloading this off the net!
And don't try to rationalize it by thinking that because "Talk Talk" is no longer making music they somehow aren't impacted by "file sharing" . . . can you say, "residuals?"
Do you think that when a musician retires they also stop eating and paying bills?!?

Since I'm on the subject, while it's terrible to steal from well-established bands that have already made their fortunes (due in large part to the fact they were in the industry BEFORE the advent of this bullshit), I hope you realize that to an independent artist or even a small record label this is career-ending!

Only Idiots and people who just  wanna-be somebody  work for free.
So the next time you go on a music-heist, I'll tell your boss that they can stop paying you for YOUR work.

Let's see how long you stay at that job, THIEF!!!

» Romulans!

I guess this comes a couple weeks late but I assume everyone knows about and has been watching "Doctor Who" (Fridays, 9pm, Sci-Fi channel).
I like it very well and think it's a pretty accurate re-make.
If you're bitching about the quality just remember, the original Dr. Who was so Lo-Fi that I invented and personally Trademarked a category just for it:
No-Fi ™, ®, ©, and PATENT PENDING

If you didn't even bother to check it out, I find your Morals highly questionable.

Plus, I think it's great that something worthwhile filled Battlestar's time-slot (approx), during off-season.
Btw, "Battlestar Galactica" it not only, hands down, THE BEST show on tv, but I think it may very well be THE BEST series EVER made, WOW!

Other than that, I've recently become obsessed with the TV series "Roswell" (re-run on Sci-Fi).
Not because I think it's a good show, in fact it's one of the most ridiculous I've ever seen.
It's the main character, what's his nuts? Ah, Max, now he intrigues me.
His voice and mannerisms remind me of the dude that played 'Micheal' on the TV series version of  
* "La Femme Nikita." *
See end for special comment on this.
Not that I found the actor who played Michael particularly appealing but I could imagine some hotness there (mostly due to context).
But that kind of acting from a guy who's supposed to be teenage royalty from outer space?!?
Not to mention the kind of conversations these so-called teens are having.
It's just bizarre.

I suppose the intergalactic Prince slightly appeals to me only because he has that Vulcan/Romulan thing going for him.
Of course, I'm a dork who's always had terrible taste when it came to choosing companions of the male variety . . .
except for husby but that worked out because we have Trekkie-ness in common!

Yup, I'd say these two definitely have something in common.

* It might be of interest to note that 'Nikita' is actually a male name - therefore, this show is actually the video for  "A Boy Named Sue." 
Well . . . in reverse.

» Babble Fish
Okay, so I was browsing through Patents when I came across this description of a device: 

"From the foregoing, it may be appreciated that a need has arisen for a method and apparatus for effecting motion generation and/or position measurement with a high resolution consistent with nano-scale applications. According to the present invention, a method and apparatus are provided to address this need, where first and second sections are supported for relative movement, the first section having a plurality of first portions which extend along respective different axes, and the second section having a plurality of approximately annular second portions which each extend around a respective axis and which each have a respective first portion extending movably therethrough, each second portion and the first portion extending therethrough being a respective pair. The first portion of each pair is caused to generate a magnetic field, and the second portion of each pair is caused to generate a magnetic field which is approximately annular, the magnetic field generated by one of the portions of each pair being a function of an electrical signal. The magnetic fields generated by the portions of each pair interact in a manner urging movement of the first portion relative to the second portion in a direction approximately along the axis associated with the first portion."

That is Thee Tech-est thing I have EVER read and I think Orbital should find a way and turn this into a sample! 

The funniest part is the "diagram" that accompanied this was completely No-Tech - vague and missing about four parts of this description. 
Between the text and the scrawled drawing, it made no sense to me or anyone else who saw it.
I can't believe this dude actually got a Patent, lol!

» Daily Words of Wisdom

Manny peep-holes rooks foe answer an sum finds dem.
But udder peep-holes surge foe da Trueff.

This is especially dedicated to nocturnallust.
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